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Lessons for Kids

West Louisiana Scuba offers scuba diving lessons to children ages 8 and up, and swim lessons to children ages 4 and up. Acclimate your child with the aquatic world!

Scuba Buddies

Scuba lessons for kids ages 8-12

We dive with a number of young people every year. Our kids’ program is designed for kids ages 8 year old and up. Since Open Water (OW) certifications are only available to children that are at least 10 years old and up, our 8-9 year olds can learn to scuba in the pool and then obtain their OW certification once they are “mature.” We have regular scheduled days at the pool for our younger divers. Once they have completed our Scuba Camp, they can come back and dive with the group during our monthly skill building dives where we work on different specialty and safety topics each dive.

Scuba Buddies Skill Nights

Learn to Swim

Swim lessons for kids ages 4-12

Our Red Cross certified swim instructors provide children ages 4-12 with small group swim instruction. We limit our swim class sizes to 3-4 children with almost one to one ratio of instructor to child. Our instructors teach swimmers of all levels to develop safe water habits in, on and near water and leads our students to become stronger, safer and more confident swimmers.

Want to learn more? Give us a call at 318-431-6366.

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Our Swim Certification
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If you would like to register your child for our Scuba Buddies program, please visit our Scuba Registration page.

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Swim lessons are $80 per week.
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